ephyviewer is a Python library for building custom viewers for electrophysiological signals, video, events, epochs, spike trains, data tables, and time-frequency representations of signals. It also provides an epoch encoder for creating annotations.

ephyviewer can be used as a standalone application (requires Neo ≥ 0.6) by launching it from the console, then using the menu to open a data file:


See the documentation for neo.rawio for available formats.

You can skip the file menu by specifying a filename from the console (and optionally the format, though this can usually be detected automatically):

ephyviewer File_axon_1.abf
ephyviewer File_axon_1.abf -f Axon

However, where ephyviewer really shines is as a library for designing custom viewers in simple Python scripts that meet your individual needs:

import ephyviewer
import numpy as np

app = ephyviewer.mkQApp()

# create example signals
sigs = np.random.rand(100000,16)

# create a viewer for the signals
sample_rate = 1000.
t_start = 0.
view1 = ephyviewer.TraceViewer.from_numpy(sigs, sample_rate, t_start, 'Signals')

# create a window
win = ephyviewer.MainViewer()

# launch the app

Have a look at the Examples to see how to create both simple and sophisticated viewers, and at the User Interface guide for how to use the interface.